Sandhill Crane


I have a ‘wetland’ behind the house. Not really a swamp, more like a pool of water. I don’t think it is stagnant. It seems to be spring fed, and runs off down a small waterway. I’m not sure why some years are dry, and others are wet. The pool is about knee deep, though I have never ventured to wade it. Ducks often nest there, and one pair of Sandhill Cranes. I don’t think there are more than one or two pair; they don’t make enough noise for a breeding colony. There are others across the road to the south where there is a much bigger slough that is part of a river that runs through that area. The two behind my house are often in the air at least once a day, heading to or from that river area. They will occasionally forage in my yard, and it is a treat to see them. They don’t seem to mind my usual activities, but they don’t like me invading their nesting ground, so I’ve never gone looking for them. The Sandhills are all over in this area, where ever they find nesting or feed ground they like.


This is my front yard and there is a major highway about 100 feet behind the bird.

Wet years the mosquitos are so bad you can’t go outside. Dry years there aren’t any mosquitos and being outside is a treat. I have a fogger now, and a bottle of chemical. I’m going to try fogging, if the mosquitos are bad. I need the ultraviolet to reduce eczema which I have, and I need all the radiation I can collect. Winters are long, and cold, and dark. Summers are often cloudy, cold, and gloomy in the spring and early summer. Mid-summer is often drought like conditions with little rain and the grass suffers because of it. The soil is very sandy and does not retain water.  Wet summers make the trees grow. I’ve had summers where the white pine add eighteen inches in twelve months.

Eagles migrate through the area. I don’t know of any that nest around here, but I’ve never asked nor investigated. They will occasionally rest and fish at a slough near the highway a few miles from the house. If I got out more often, and kept records of sightings, I would probably be able to get some nice pictures. I don’t get out much. They sometimes fly over the house, but you need the camera in hand and be looking for them to get a picture.Eagle!

I have two more pictures of the Cranes; I’ll put them up as the mood strikes me.

Copyright 2017 by Skandia Recluse, all rights reserved. Photography by author.  

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