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I am just now recovering from a four day book bender, maybe it was a six book marathon; no sleep, no food, until I had to stop to eat something, and sleep for a few hours.  I couldn’t stop reading.


Start with Quarter Share,

A young man, soon to be a university student, is forced to enlist in what we would call “The Merchant Marines.” He is not dragooned by press gangs, nor Shanghaied by other Merchant Mariners who have crew slots to fill. Ishmael Wang is a victim of circumstance and has only two choices left to him; join the military, or go into space on a trading ship.  

The genre of this tale is Science Fiction, and there are rocket ships, but they could just as easily have been twentieth-century oil tankers, or eighteenth-century Yankee clippers in the age of sail. It is the characters and the inter action between them that makes the story interesting. It is an idealized universe, populated by mostly good people. The rebels are mostly just misunderstood troublemakers who just need the proper guiding hand to motivate them into becoming respectable citizens, and the motivating factor is money and how to make it, honestly. This is a story about trading for profit. The truly bad guys are rarely encountered. In one of the following books there is – are – will be bad Captains, and bad Officers. It isn’t Ishmael that sees to it that the bad guys get their just desserts. It is more like a learning experience for our young man.

It is also a bit naïve; a tale for boy scouts and how to be a better boy scout – work hard, respect your superiors, be brave, thrifty, honest, and educate yourself to earn a higher rank, and higher pay grade; be kind to those you work with, and those who might someday serve under you.

If the characters hook you, you will read every word, and buy every book. At least, I have, so far. I may have to draw the line at “To Fire Called.”

I do the same thing with movies on DVD; five dollars here, eight there, fifteen for a blu-ray, until I find a yuuuge pile of DVDs at my feet and I add up the cost of several hundred movies on disk.


Half Share

Full Share

Captain’s Share

Owner’s Share

Owner’s Share is very much like the pilot to the TV series “Firefly” without the violence. There is very little violence in Mr. Lowell’s universe. Violence exists, but is rarely encountered.



In Ashes Born


To Fire Called


Pay no attention to the reviews; you will either like or dislike the books, and the deciding issue will be the political ideology to which you subscribe.


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