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The End


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Summer Cabin

The light changes by the hour.  

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White Pine

  White Pine. I found two of them growing behind the house, back in the brush, and it was obvious they were leaning toward the light, desperate to capture the sun. They were about four years old, three feet tall, … Continue reading

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Earth Rise

This is a NASA image taken by Apollo Astronauts. When the space program was first expanded, it was said that everything NASA learned would be in the public domain. Now, after many years, we learn that research data is the … Continue reading

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Nathan Lowell’s Books

Nathan Lowell I am just now recovering from a four day book bender, maybe it was a six book marathon; no sleep, no food, until I had to stop to eat something, and sleep for a few hours.  I … Continue reading

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Hauling Limestone

Bulk Carrier unloading limestone. This is a Great Lakes Freighter, a self-unloading bulk carrier. Marquette, Michigan is a major port for iron ore with a major iron ore mine nearby. Freighters like this one, bring in limestone (called flux stone … Continue reading

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Albuquerque, New Mexico

  Albuquerque, viewed from the west, just off of I40. The backdrop is the Sandia Mountains, or more like Sandia Crest. There is a aerial tram that runs from the edge of the city up to the crest and there … Continue reading

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